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Sewing Machines Are Bridging the Gap In Quality

Sewing Machines Are Bridging the Gap In Quality

February 14, 2019 | sewzie | Leave a comment
sewing machines have evolved since the industrial revolution
Sewing Machine From Industrial Revolution Era

Made to measure is closing in on bespoke with advanced sewing tech

Sewing machines have evolved over the last few years to become more specialized in the functions they perform. Made to measure suits are one clothing item in which the overall quality has been improved by the development of sewing machines.

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Taken from Airforce

At the top of the mens fashion industry, you will find custom, bespoke and made to measure suits. The standard has historically been that bespoke is regarded as the highest caliber of suit available. Of late, even the suit connoisseurs have had a harder time in deciding on whether to go with a suit made to measure, or to just make their suit bespoke.

Bespoke suits are known for their superior comfort and fit. The suit is made with a full canvas, which is the base for making all high caliber suits. The canvas allows suit to move with the person wearing it so avoid bunching or the stiff look. A full canvas adds to the indistinguishable look of a well fit suit since it maintains its perfect fit with every position the person moves in.

Trying on the full canvas fitting
Find a bespoke tailor that suits you

A bespoke suit is made by hand. This means that the entire suit is measured, the fabric is cut and the suit is assembled by hand. The stitching on a bespoke suit is a subtle distinctive characteristic that shows the suit has been stitched by hand. When you look at the stitching on a suit made bespoke, the fact it isn’t a perfect line adds to the character and originality of the suit. This is a selling feature to clients who enjoy the authenticity of old world tailoring.

A made to measure suit is similar to a bespoke suit in the sense it is customizable and assembled to fit the client. The suit can also be made with a full canvas and attain a high level of comfort. The process for how it is built however differs in detail. The design is cut from predesigned templates and once the measurements are taken, the suit is assembled with approximately two fittings throughout its finalization as opposed to multiple fittings. When the suit is assembled a sewing machine is used to stitch the suit together which can be distinguishable from the handmade stitching of a bespoke suit.

Where experts are saying bespoke is losing its appeal is in the fact that made to measure can be made so much more cost effectively. The way suits are constructed today can match the quality stitching a bespoke tailor provides-if not do it better. The amount of time that goes into making a bespoke suit is double that of a made to measure but the gap in comfort and fit is slowly closing with the development of more capable sewing machines.